Weight Loss with Humor

People are constantly seeking healthy advice, but want it brief and right to the point. The Body Tips SM incorporated into this book provide safe, accurate information and are easy to comprehend. This affordable book will captivate the reader's interest because of its format and the variety of its contents, and its combination of humor and fact provides 'lite' reading. When biologist Pamela Oliver wrote Weight Loss With Humor©, she felt it was time to look at weight loss trials and tribulations from a different angle. Oliver is founder and president of Body Transformers®, a company that has been providing safe, healthy, and successful weight loss programs since 1994. She says professional dieters dread starting a diet, dread doing the diet, and very rarely have a grasp on what is good for the body. Weight loss can become an obsession, and while it is certainly an important issue, Oliver addresses the need to lighten the mental and emotional aspects of it. Positiveness with a hint of humor - it's about time!

Weight Loss With Humor
Edition: Softcover 5.25? x 8.50? ISBN: 0-9715488-0-3

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Edition: Softcover 5.25″ x 8.50″ ISBN: 0-9715488-0-3