Americans are facing an uncertain economy, with rising gas and food prices, as well as living expenses, people are looking for ways to stretch their dollar, but still try to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

THE 'LEFTOVER' FOOD PLANŠ is a healthy 2 week weight-loss plan. It is an effective way for participants to jumpstart weight-loss as the warmer months approach, and save money on their grocery bill. It is created and copyrighted by nationally recognized health and nutrition expert Pam Oliver.

There are 3 Meals and 3 Snacks, but the main emphasis is on how to utilize food leftovers and incorporate them into a daily weight-loss plan. Estimated weight-loss in 14 days, if followed, is between 8-10 pounds! This plan will also help to educate the participant by teaching a 'balancing' of the major food groups, and ensure safe and healthy eating habits in the future.

This is a 2 week plan

Plan: Plan02 Cost: $ 59.99
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