Kitty's Pet Tips



Catnip is not safe for ALL cats.  Young kittens and elderly or ill cats may not respond well to catnip and could have adverse reactions.  When using catnip try a small amount of a high quality catnip, (either loose or in a toy) and be there to watch your cat.  If your cat reacts in an over stimulated or agressive way, then discontinue catnip use. If on the other hand, they react in a silly and playful manner, then offering a small amount of catnip once or twice a week as a special treat is fine to do.

Special thanks to: Dr. Linda Dupont-Catzablanca Cat Clinic and Hospital



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Exercise your pet.

Set aside time EVERYDAY to help keep your pet active. (It just may help you get into better shape too!)

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Clean your food/water bowls regularly.

Get rid of the nasty bacteria that may be forming. (Would YOU like to be eating from a dried and crusty bowl? I think NOT!).
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Make time EVERYDAY

Make time EVERYDAY to give your pet attention/acknowledgement (They deserve it).
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